There are times that praying is a struggle. Do you know what I mean? I just…don’t…feel…like praying sometimes. And there ya go, I said it.


There are times that I just don’t know what to pray. My words are dry. They seem so ordinary.

These are all real struggles and I don’t think I am alone. However, I have learned a great way to bring substance to my prayers and what else is awesome is…

The Lord leads me in the prayer. 

So, first off let me say that I did not come up with this method. I learned it from my class but I have found it very effective personally.

  1. Read 5 Psalms a day. If it is the 1st of the month read Psalm 1, then add 30, Psalm 31, add 30, Psalm 61, add 30, Psalm 91, add 30, Psalm 121. If you do this, then you will read the whole book of Psalm in a month. I am doing this with my 6th-grade classes.
  2. Pick 1 of the 5 that is sticking out to you. There are times when a particular Psalm is speaking to me in different life situations. If not, just pick one…I mean its Scripture.
  3. Let each line of that Psalm guide your prayer and pray until you run out of things to say. So, for instance, today is January 23 as I am writing at the moment. I choose Psalm 23. The first line is, “The Lord is my Shepherd”. I could pray something like, “Thank you, Lord, for being my shepherd. I know that you guide me in life and that you care for me”. I could go on but, for time’s sake, I’ll move on. The next line would be, “I shall not want”. So I could pray, “Lord, help me be content. My heart is wicked in this area…” So on and so on.
  4. Pray until you run out of Psalm or out of time. I usually only pray one line of each paragraph in my classes. It takes plenty of time just to pray those few lines.

This has been really great for me because it is working on my own heart. It is encouraging. It is convicting. It is much more substantial than what I was praying. Finally, it is biblical.

The book that I read to learn this method of praying is called Praying the Bible by Donald S. Whitley.

Let me know what you think by commenting! Have a blessed day!